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Re: Plugin for YADE


> Hi everyone,
> I am currently starting to write plugin for YADE and I am using Kdevelop. (One more thing, I have a very little knowledge of Linux). Could anyone tell me how to write a plug in without to recompile the whole project?
> or if it is not possible, could you please give me a config file of the project in KDevelop (it requires a file with extension of kdevelop"blahblah.kdevelop"). Or do you have any tool to convert the config file from scons to kdevelop? Can you suggest a better tool to make a plugin?
1. There is yade.kdevelop in subversion root which should work.

2. If you plan to integrate your plugin to yade completely, read 

3. If you want to keep that plugin separate for now, read 

HTH, Vaclav

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