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Re: deserialization error


> > =====>
> > Omega::instance().getSimulationFileName()=scene.xml
> > Attribute is not defined : engines
> > terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::bad_lexical_cast'
> >   what():  bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted
> > as target
> > <=====
> >
> > At replacement  vector<shared_ptr<Engine> > on vector<int> the error
> > disappears and "scene.xml" is successfully loaded.
> Hi, I am not entirely competent here, but current serializers cannot
> serialize pointers ("source type value could not be interpreted as
> target").

Why then works deserialization of MetaBody where there is a same
vector<shared_ptr <Engine> > ?

I have added following structure 

const char* yadePluginClasses[]={
    0 /*sentinel*/

in one of initial files as orders to act Yade User Manual in cases when in one 
library some plug-ins contain, but it has not helped. 

In my opinion, I have passed any small technical detail concerning to 
specificity Yade (at me yet too wide experience of development of plug-ins 
and shared libraries), therefore in the previous mail I have put all the 
initial files that somebody more expert could understand the reasons of a 
error more precisely.

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