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Re: Plugin for YADE


> I am currently starting to write plugin for YADE and I am using Kdevelop.
> (One more thing, I have a very little knowledge of Linux). Could anyone
> tell me how to write a plug in without to recompile the whole project? or
> if it is not possible, could you please give me a config file of the
> project in KDevelop (it requires a file with extension of
> kdevelop"blahblah.kdevelop"). Or do you have any tool to convert the config
> file from scons to kdevelop? Can you suggest a better tool to make a
> plugin?

Plug-in for Yade is a shared library which contains your class derivative of 
class FileGenerator. Your class should design MetaBody which completely 
describes your model (bodys, engines, etc). Look examples of models in folder 
PreProcessor. As a plug-in is the shared library its compilation occurs 
separately from all other parts of the project. It will be very useful for 
you to familiarize with scons user manual.

After compilation place your library in the catalogue where Yade can find it, 
and execute for this catalogue ldconfig (see man ldconfig) that dynamic 
linkage was carried out.

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