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Re: Install YADE on-64bit CentOS 5


When I was using the latest scons.0.97.0d20070918, the SConStruct script file 
does not pass one line about the version (YADE.0.11.1), then I switched back 
to scons 0.97, it seems fine now.

>===== Original Message From Václav Šmilauer <eudoxos@xxxxxxxx> =====
>> To find the 64bit compatible problem of QTDIR took me 2 days, while I don't
>> have a sense exploring the scons system, also need to point out that the
>> latest version of scons does not work for the current YADE. Since someone 
>> me my problem needs the re-compilation of qt but the latest qt version is 
>> (incompatible), it seems an unsolvable problem.
>I think you mix two orthogonal issues: scons and qt.
>If there are identifiable issues with scons proper, please report bug
>about that - I am not aware of changes in scons that would make it not
>functional. Obviously, library detection is not scons issue, it is your
>configuration. I am willing to help with that and fix it if you say
>exactly what bothers you.
>I see no point in recompilation of qt; in any case, qt4 is not
>source-compatilbe with qt4 and you _have to_ use qt3.
>Regards, Vaclav
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