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Successive slightly different simulations


Hello everybody (and especially Luc Sibille ?). The title of my mail is 
surely not very precise so I will try to be clear :
I want to make succesively different calculations over a sample. That is 
to say : considering a sample in a given state (a .xml save...) I want 
to disturb it in a given way (for example compress it), save 
informations related to this compression, and then go back to the 
original state (re-load the .xml) and disturb it in an other way (for 
example : shear it) and again save some things related to this shear...
Because I want to execute more calculations than one load and one shear, 
I'm seeking a way to do this automatically. I think that this is 
impossible with classic engines for example (anyway I don't see how to 
do this by this way). I imagine for example that in the .xml save could 
appear an Engine, with a given parameter, which will care to disturb the 
sample in a direction depending on this parameter but the keypoint would 
be for me to load this simulation many times with always a different 
value for the parameter of the Engine.
Does someone have an idea ? Could python scripts (which I don't know at 
all but it will maybe be the time) help for that ?

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