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Re: Characteristics of the program


>BTW, Sega, I wanted to ask you independently: could you document your
>findings on advantages of parallelizing? Did you parallelize
>constitutive law as well, etc?

Yes, I will do it, but not as quickly as hoped (most likely, after the new year),
because in December I have a PhD and now I am busy with this basically.
Now I have some observations but need more tests. Raw data is: 
1. Previously I report about 0.44 iter/sec for 90k particles with ParallelEngine and about 0.35 iter/sec without ParallelEngine. But these data were obtained for a static heap problem, i.e. where there is no intense change the position of particle relative to one another .
2. For dynamic problem (a tumbling mill) I get follow:
a) with ParallelEngine - 0.34 iter/sec
b) without ParallelEngine - 0.33 iter/sec
c) Parallel simulation with OpenMP - 0.4 iter/sec
So... It seems that the program needs not so much in MetaEngine cycles parallelization, but needs optimizing algorithms, such as an algorithm for determining collisions...
Another observation: when parallelization with OpenMP a processor load is only about 120%, at the same time EDEM load a processor for all 190%. I think this shows the need for the engines parallelization...

Best regards, Sergei D.