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Re: Weight of non dynamic bodies


Jerome Duriez wrote:
> Hello Vaclav, I thought that this mail won't interess many people of
> the mailing list so I send it to you directly. I remember that you
> told me in Aussois that, for non dynamic bodies, gravity engines do
> not add the weight of the body to the acting forces. I did not find in
> the code (in "GravityEngines") where this could be, and a test showed
> me that it is indeed not the case (in my case non dynamic bodies have
> a weight). It is a detail but I wanted to know if I dreamed of this
> phrase or if I miss something ? Thanks, see you.
Hi, I was a bit confused sure at that point of talk, but it was a first
"reasonable" explanation as to why forces on top and bottom bodies
didn't match... Finally I think that the conclusion was different (and
in accord with what you say): the top dynamic body had gravity force
downwards and reaction from the bottom body upwards (so the overall
force was almost like 1e-6) and the bottom body had gravity and the
reaction from the top body added, both in the downwards direction.

Regards, Vaclav

PS. I think everybody on the list would be interested, as it is always
nice to see people (me, in this case) saying stupid things, right?
Cc'ing there.