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Re: Getting back lost files - .os - .so files


>    Hello. Due to updates a bit stupidely executed I have lost source
> files I wrote myself (say "JeromeFile.cpp" and hpp). I wonder if it is
> possible to get them back. In fact I found that there are always files
> JeromeFile.so and JeromeFile.os in some folders "build", and also
> links towards "JeromeFile.hpp". So I wonder if I could use this by any
> mean...
>    This is also for me the time to ask what are exactly these .so and
> .os files and what is the use of these "build" folders in the running
> of Yade ? Thanks
.so is the binary plugin (shared library, "Shared Object" -> .so), which
is loaded by yade. The .os things are intermediary compiled objects that
will be linked to shared library afterwards and are only useful for

If you deleted JeromeFile.hpp, the link is dangling (pointing to
nonexistent file) and is useless. The .so and .os files are equally
useless, unless you want to read machine code... :-( Sorry for bad news.