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SphereContactGeometry with (or without) hasShear : "nan" attributes


Hello. I have serious problem with this new (for me) version of SphereContactGeometry which contains now these variables : pos1, cp1rel,... and so on. After a save (in .xml format) it occurs that a given number of my interactions (not all, but more than one... I didn't count more precisely) contained very strange values for these attributes of "SphereContactGeometry". These very strange values could be 1e100, or even "nan" which is at least honest enough to avoid me to reload these saves (which let me notice that something goes wrong...) These problems occur either I define hasShear = 1 (the only case where a real value for these variables is computed, if I understand well), or I define hasShear = 0... I guess there should be a problem with the corresponding REGISTER_ATTRIBUTE, but my ideas stop here...


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