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Re: SphereContactGeometry with (or without) hasShear : "nan" attributes


> Hello. I have serious problem with this new (for me) version of 
> SphereContactGeometry which contains now these variables : pos1, 
> cp1rel,... and so on. After a save (in .xml format) it occurs that a 
> given number of my interactions (not all, but more than one... I didn't 
> count more precisely) contained very strange values for these attributes 
> of "SphereContactGeometry". These very strange values could be 1e100, or 
> even "nan" which is at least honest enough to avoid me to reload these 
> saves (which let me notice that something goes wrong...)
>     These problems occur either I define hasShear = 1 (the only case 
> where a real value for these variables is computed, if I understand 
> well), or I define hasShear = 0...
> I guess there should be a problem with the corresponding 
> REGISTER_ATTRIBUTE, but my ideas stop here...
> Thanks,
> Jerome

This is because these attributes are nowhere initialized. Therefore, they contain garbage. I are often faced with such errors too. In doing so, the saved scenes refused to load. I think that MUST be initialized all serializable attributes in the default constructors. Vaclav?

Best regards, Sergei D.

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