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Re: [Yade-dev] recent changes in TriaxialCompressionEngine


 Ok i under take to correct and add comments in the
TriaxialCompressionEngine files as soon as tomorrow with a new commit. Of
course, i will do a svn up before my modifications, after i verify YADE
correctly built.  

>Changing inputFile to TriaxialGenerator is certainly bad idea 

 Question for Triaxialtest users: Can i keep my inputparameters (for
example:isotropiccompression, translationspeed, fixedporosity) in the
generator file to realize directly the isotropic compaction by moving the
walls until a fixed porosity value ?

Thank you

Original Message:
From: Václav S(milauer eudoxos@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 22:33:50 +0100
To: yade-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Yade-dev] recent changes in TriaxialCompressionEngine

(make sure you reply to the list, not to me directly)
>   Sure, there is a problem for the other state in a
> TriaxialCompressionEngine.cpp, the condition && wishedporosity < 1 is
> wrong. I was too happy to realize my first commit.
> I am sorry for the generated problems. I think the best thing to do is to
> replace the files : triaxialcompressionengine, triaxialtest,
> triaxialstaterecorder, elasticcontactinteraction by the same files just
> before my commit. I am conscious, it is not the wonder solution.
No problem with the code commited, I think that we can keep it, because
it can certainly be useful, it will be ironed our progressively. Unless
you really want to revert your changes, which should be quite easy --
svn has all the history.
> Concerning: STATE_DIE_COMPRESSION is a new state in the triaxail
> in order to realize a compaction by the wall displacement until a porosity
> controlled (parameter : wishedPorosity) by the user.
> The code calculates the porosity in a cube (parameter:
> when the wishedPorosity equal to calculatedporosity => the simulation is
> stopped.
> To resume, it is an isotropic compaction until a fixed porosity value.
Nice explanation. Now just copy&paste that to
TriaxialCompressionEngine.hpp, to the big comment before "class
TriaxialCompressionEngine :-)

A+, Vaclav

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