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Re: problem


ricardo garrido a écrit :
we have a problem showing the results of each example ( force,
velocity, etc), we are using 0.12rc1 version. if you can tell us if
exist any command to generate the files with the results. we are very

The running of a Yade simulation is based on "Engines" that act on the sample at each time step. That are these Engines that detect the contacts, compute the contact forces, update positions and velocities, and so on... I say you that to let you understand that you have also to use some of these Engines if you want to record anything during a simulation. You have so to define them (if they are not yet) in the source files of your Preprocessor - or directly in the .xml issued from the generation of your preprocessor. Give a look to files like "PositionRecorder" (in pkg/dem/Engine/StandAloneEngine) or in the preprocessors where such Recorders are used.


NB : you could have found a more explicit title, there are a lot of different problem you can face with Yade...

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