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Re: Question about cylindrical object


> In fact, my supervisors would like a "true" cylinder in order to avoid the
> angle creates  between two facets (the juncture). 
In that case, you will have to create it yourself... Shouldn't be too
difficult: geometrical model, interacting geometry, GL functors;
functors colliding cylinder with sphere (giving SpheresContactGeometry).
That's it. You could make simulation with planar facets first, though,
to see if the junction effect is important to justify all this work.

1. If you can, can you make it a little bit more generic, like having
different radii at the top and at the bottom, that would give us cones
(for r1=0, r2>0 etc), frustum (r1!=r2) and cylinder (r1==r2)? I can help
you if you need, no problem.

2. Reflect on whether you will allow interactions with the lateral
surface only, or with the lateral surface edges also (singular points!)