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warning: offensive bool value `64' encountered (interpreted as true).



  if you ever get the message in subject, it is a bug in yade and
should be reported to https://bugs.launchpad.net/yade/. Search your
saved simulation file for "64" (or whatever number you happen to see)
and send us the attribute name having this value.   

 @devs: it took me a while find the cause, but after adding a bool
flag, I experienced much more of those messages. It turns out that if
bool is not _initialized_ properly, only the lowest bit is used
(normally if it is never assigned to at all). The garbage in higher
bits appear if it serialized in stream. Later I found a thread on this
(http://bytes.com/groups/c/165173-uninitialized-bool). The cure is to
put the bool data member in initializers. I will fix
SpheresContactGeometry::initContactOnPositiveFacetSide in svn soon,
once I am not beind proxy.  

 Regards, Vaclav