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Re: Applying constant force on a wall


> I made a wall using utils.box, I would like to add a constant force
> acting on that wall but if I use DeusExMachina ForceEngine on that box
> with subscribedbody boxId it does nothing.
> Box dynamic is set to True, I dont understant why.
> If I use a Displacement or TranslationEngine it works, but I need that
> wall not to move unsopped cause it will compenetrate an imported
> geometry.
> I would like to make a uniaxial compression test like simulation, with
> an imported geometry on the other side.
> Is that something I'm doing in wrong way?

Hi, I think that what you do is correct. Can you provide the simulation
script? Isn't the force too small (or timestep too small) so that you never
see the displacement? For uniaxial compression test, I would recomment
using UnaxialStrainer (of which I can send you examples, screenshot is
http://yade.wikia.com/wiki/ScriptUniaxialTensionCompressionTest), if you
want strain-controlled test; it is suitable for sphere packings. For
stress-control, you are on your own probably. Vaclav