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Re: Applying constant force on a wall and snapshot engine


> I followed the advices that Mr Vaclav gave me and the code is below, but
> my box is still falling with spheres, there is again something wrong? It
> seems that only gravity is affecting bodyes.
Is not the force you use too small, given dimensions and mass of the box?
Try something much larger and you will see.

> Another point is that if I activate the snapshot engine it results in
> blank images, there's a reason or a wrong setting?

Well, SnapshotEngine seems to work depending on the graphics card you have.
In any case, the 3d view window must be in foreground.

If you want something that work reliably, save simulation state (positions
and colors only) to database and then run it through player,
scripts/simple-scene-player.py show how to do that.

For the last line, you can skip 'qglviewerState.xml' parameter and say
instead startWait=True. It will wait until you set the scene view with
mouse, then press backspace and it starts. Again, keep the window in

Another, perhaps simpler options, is to use some desktop-recording app,
like http://live.gnome.org/Istanbul or
http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/about.php, which are also packaged
for some linux distributions.

HTH, Vaclav