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Re: Some Questions about YADE!


Hello, it is always nice to see people considering using Yade.
Please send your questions to Yade mailing list instead of private emails to me, so the best person (depending on the question) will give answers.

- My first question: dose it includes a facility to make it possible to consider the aggregate shapes? For instance such that is provided by some softwares like PFC. As you know there are two main options entitled Clumping and Clustering which make it possible to combine a number of particles to make a simulation of the aggregates real shape.
Yes, clumps have been implemented in Yade to simulate agregates of spheres.

- Is yade capable to employ a digital processed image as an input to generate the model (at least in the 2D mode) instead of the random generated assembly?
Nothing for 2D (how can you generate a 3D model on the basis of 2D images?!). However Janek Kozicki developped tools to turn the results of 3D tomography into Yade samples.
- Is there any previous experiences on employing YADE to investigate asphalt concrete mixtures.
None that I know of.
- As I found the code was developed under the Python programming language. Is that the programming language to be used for the purpose of the code modification?
Yade is coded in c++, Python is used for the command line interface.
You need to code in c++ if you want to develop new features, otherwise python can be enough to create and run simulations.
- and my last question: is it available to conduct a parallel processing on a network to decrease the computation time?

We are working on it, but I don't think it is fully functional yet.

Thank you in advance for your magnificent cooperations.

"Magnificient" is a minimum here. ;-)

Bruno Chareyre


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