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Re: How to use ConstitutiveLawDispatcher in pithon


On 18 февраля 2009, you wrote:
 On 18 февраля 2009, MarcoDottor wrote:
 > Hallo, what code I have to use if I want to try
 > ConstitutiveLawDispatcher in python.
 for example, see examples/dynamic_simulation_tests/ringSimpleViscoelastic.py, line 71
 Be careful for the contact model. It should be in agreement with simulation conditions.
 (compare results for ringSimpleViscoelastic and ringCundallDamping, for example).
 > I've got other 2 questions: setting Young modulus low to 10^3 what
 > implies, it act on Kn right? 
 > That forces are transimmed softly? 
 The bodies are more soft.
 > If I saved a simulation in a sqlite dbase can I use filters in
 > postprocessing with player or should I include them before starting a
 > simulation, how can I do that?
 With the player. Run the player, load a results dbase, print in console:
 (this function is defined in gui/py/utils.py)
 then, check "Allow filtration" and click the refresh button on the Filters tab. 
 Then, click on play and all dynamic bodies will be colorized with their velocity magnitude.
 > Thank you very much, you are very helpful to me due to lack of
 > documentation and I'm sorry to bother you so much.
 fell free for asking, don`t hesitate. 

Best regards, Sergei D.