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Re: pregenerated sphere packings


Václav Šmilauer a écrit :

I would like to have pregenerated (periodic) packing of spheres which could be used to fill arbitrary volumes just by putting one cell next to another and then clip the result to get the exact shape. I use constant sphere radius. How would you generate such packing? I imagine like 10k spheres. Would it be useful for other people to have it in yade as text file and some utilities to use it?

I know yade cannot do it at the moment, but perhaps PFC can?

Yes PFC can, if you pay the additional bill for the periodic boundaries option... I don't know anybody with this version in Grenoble. Appart from this, it is a good idea and yes it could probably be used by more than one guy. All we need is to code the periodic boundaries in Yade (I have ideas for this but no time...), or find somebody with a periodic code.



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