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Re: Time Series Forcing implementation in python


I added the periodicpythonrunner to my code, but I am not sure how to
define BexContainter().  When I run the simulation, it gives the error:
"NameError: global name 'BexContainer' is not defined".

Also, when I use the interpolatingspiralengine in my code, it gives the
error: "RuntimeError: ClassFactory::create - cannot create class named:
InterpolatingSpiralEngine".  Additionally, with the interpolating spiral
engine, I am not sure what velocities you are referring to.  Should
these instead be the same forces I apply in periodicpythonrunner?  Also,
I do not know what 'thrAxRad' should be in that engine.

I know I have a lot of questions, but I greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you,

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