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Re: Yade on AIX cluster


Hi, I have once tried compiling YADE on cluster, but I stopped half way also because of boost, what is your OS on cluster? can you tell your administrator to update your boost? then I think it will be fine, otherwise I guess we should have a local copy of boost, and tell SCONS to find the boost in your local path, did any one have such experience? I think Janek is running YADE on cluster?
I was installing yade on RHEL4 cluster recently. I compiled boost (and also python, but that is perhaps not necessary if your version is something like 2.4 or later) locally (using the compilation howto on their website) and adding LIBPATH=... and CPPPATH=... args to scons. Additionally, I had to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=local/lib/directory so that the libs would be found at startup.

If you need more help, let me know.