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Re: Time Series Forcing implementation in python


Yes, I would be glad for you to add my script to the example scripts once I get it working. I hope others will be able to learn from it.

I realized that I do not have r1727. I was able to download revision r1730, but I do not think it is working,
I meant r1727 or later, of course.
because when I run the simulation I still get: "'ActionContainer' object has no attribute 'addF' ".
Can you run yade -h? It will give list of compilation options at the end. If it contains BEX_CONTAINER, then it is OK. If not, however, I added addF to the old ActionContainer so that you can use it as well now (you need r1731 at least for that)... I hope it will compile, I cannot test now... Let me know.

I would like to convert all engines to BexContainer soon, as it is much faster a allows for parallelization, but it is not crucial at this moment.

Regards, Vaclav

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