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Re: svn commit


But I think it would be good to have exact rules on style. Code must be in order. Maybe, it is good to create some rules for new added code?

Vaclav is right. The questions, which concern only the personal taste and do not affect the accuracy or clarity of the code, have no place in a standard programming. There is no difference in readability between:

void myFunction() { // ... }


void myFunction()
  // ...

Nevertheless, this task (indentation, position of brackets...) can be done automatically (for example with bcpp). So it is not important.

I think that the critical point is the naming convention. This convention, without being too prescriptive, should exist (in fact there are several in Yade!). In practice, each programmer is responsible for his choice. For example: _if (face[i].belongBoundary) _ and _if (bound[i] == 1)_ are quite similar but the second needs explanation while the first is self-documented. Finally, the most important is the design...