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Re: Some questions


> 1) Is it possible to have a hertz mindlin contact law instead of a
> hooke's contact law between granular particles?

If you mean the law described e.g. in 
http://geology.msu.edu/pdf/Poisons_S_vel.pdf (2), it means computing
contact stiffnesses from bodies' rigidities differently and updating
them based on the (varying) confining force. Quite easy to do, and
certainly a welcome addition to yade (we are here to help you with

> 2) Is it possible to compact an assembly under a prescribed
> anisotropic stress state?

There is ThreeDTriaxialEngine by Luc Sibille; Bruno/Luc will tell you
how to use it.

> 3) Is it possible to grow the size of a particle gradually?

TriaxialTest can use particle growth for compaction, you can certainly
do the same.


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