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Re: Problem about old boost version on cluster (scientific linux) when compiling YADE


> I tried using the CPPPATH='/fchen/DEM_CFD/boost_1_39_0' and
> LIBPATH='/fchen/DEM_CFD/boost_1_39_0/lib'
> and even tried CXX='/fchen/DEM_CFD/gcc-4.1.2/bin/g++',
> it does not help, is there a way to force scons to look for boost
> headers and libs in my specified folder?

Boost are not handled in any special way compared to other libs. Setting
CPPPATH and LIBPATH is enough, provided the libs are called the same.
Have a look $buildDir/config.log, that has all the commands and what
failed (compiler messages, linker messages etc).