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R: Re: Contact detection


Hi Vaclav,

so you wrote from scratch the InsertionSortCollider... Why didn't 
you choose to implement a grid collider? Do you have that algorithm written in 
another language (e.g. Fortran)? Could it be possible to translate it in C++?
know that the best contact detection method doesn't exist since it is related 
to to the problem to be solved, BUT there is no doubt that the grid collider is 
better than the SAP one.
Honestly could you let me know me know if, within a 
reasonable period of time, we will have the grid collider implemented in YADE?

Sorry if I guess but I am at the beginning of my D.Phil. and I am looking for 
the "best" DEM code according to my needs.



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>Data: 13/11/2009 12.54
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>Ogg: Re: [Yade-users] Contact detection
>> > 
(BTW you're probably the first person besides me to read that code.)>   
Hehe. I'm sure Gallizzi read it before, and I read it before you too.

>Galizzi?? I wrote InsertionSortCollider from scratch about 6 months ago.
original PersistentSAPCollider & friends were purged from the repo
it was one of the worst code I've ever seen.)
>> So, yes, it can be better, 
especially if we speak about very big 
>> simulations and massive parallelism. 
But currently, this algorithm works 
>> quite well with respect to overall 
>Yes, it works well for our typical simulations, but what is 
"typical" is
>given by the impossibility to have larger ones... (I would love 
to run
>larger ones, for instance, but it is not feasible in the current state)

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