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Re: R: Re: Contact detection


> > > In another words, Olivier (and you) didn't bother to google out articles
> > > on that and thought he was the smartest guy.
> > 
> > yeah. That time there was a LOT of other stuff to bother about, than
> > colliders :) Paint me ashamed ;>

I am not saying you are to be blamed, but Frederic, as supervisor of the
project, should have managed that.

> heh, and you should note that grid based collider is on "todo list"
> since yade was started (really).

The irony is that it is _much_ easier to implement than SAP collider
(for a very basic one). I am confident it will not take me more than 5
hours, and will try this week.

If we get rid of garbage code, things will be much easier (see r1786).


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