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Re: help with error debug


>         Q1 You have only one yade folder?
> It does not matter. I have 5 yade-installations for different
> purposes. But you should have the "working" trunk, which needs to be
> regularly updated with "bzr up" (or "bzr merge" depending on what
> "style" you use).
You can use "profiles" during compilation to have multiple versions
installed at once. It's documented somewhere on the wiki.

>         Q2 Why are you not afraid that other people's changes in
>         bazaar won't interfere with your file? vice versa
> It almost does not happen here. Not so many people are coding here.
> Anyway Bazaar fixes and conflicts as well. No worries about that.
Yes.. last 2 days are somewhat exceptional..

>         Q3 Btw, where is the yade-trunk directory?  my YADE/bin
>         directory is not in the yade-0.20-2 folder.  They're in a
>         different folder by default.
trunk is just version name (latest); you can set it with scons
version=trunk, for instance.

>         Q4 How do I track recent changes in bazaar by other people?
>         Not by me.
You will receive commit logs at yade-dev list (filter them to separate
folder, by your mail client or on the server). There is also branch page
at lp, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yade-dev/yade/trunk/changes