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Re: R: Re: Compaction_phase/Triax


I didn't want to say that I can control porosity via stress, but that they are not independent (am I wrong anyway?).
You are not wrong, the dependency is just very small (as long as you don't modelize bubble-gum packings or other sorts of very soft material).

So, having a specific particle size distribution, the contact stiffnesses, the angle of friction, is it possible to get a specific value of porosity for the specimen? How can I do it with Yade?

You need some trial and error, playing with friction.

A more sophisticated way would be to decrease friction with time, until you reach the good porosity. It allows a very precise control of final porosity, but I didn't implement it in Yade yet, because I don't need very precise porosities for now.

Sorry if I continue on this point, but I am a little bit confused on it.
No worries. :)



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