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Re: Optional libraries (VTK, Eigen)


> Q2.  Also, in which directory should I unpack the tar.gz for
> Eigen.tuxfamily?  The tutorial uses the following header command:  
> #include <Eigen/Core>
> How does my YADE .cpp files know where I installed the library?
> <Eigen/Core> could be anywhere..

Huh?? If you are on Ubuntu, just install the libeigen2-dev package. Then
the headers are in /usr/include/eigen2, so you will need to add
CPPPATH=/usr/include/eigen2 to scons (such that the preprocessor finds
the <Eigen/Core> etc files).

I will add the 'eigen' feature if you want, with appropriate check and
adding that directory for CPPPATH automatically, if you need that. (I
hope we are not going to explode on too many features).

Cheers, Vaclav

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