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Optional libraries (VTK, Eigen)


Hi everyone,

I am still confused about optional libraries, although I've read the new documentation http://beta.arcig.cz/~eudoxos/yade/sphinx/prog.html#build-system.  I'm quite hopeless with computers.  

Q1.  To use VTK, I understand that I will need to compile with VTK and include YADE_REQUIRE_FEATURE(vtk) in the cpp files.  How do I compile with vtk? Do I have to download something, and which directory? Do I have to edit scons.profile-default with features ="gts,log4cxx,openmpi,opengl, vtk"?  

Q2.  Also, in which directory should I unpack the tar.gz for Eigen.tuxfamily?  The tutorial uses the following header command:  
#include <Eigen/Core>
How does my YADE .cpp files know where I installed the library? <Eigen/Core> could be anywhere..



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