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Re: Radius Expansion in triaxial test


Sorry, 94,000 iterations. It doesn't converge for the compaction stage

From: booncw@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: yade-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 23:48:58 +0800
Subject: [Yade-users] Radius Expansion in triaxial test

Hi, it's me again :).

I've run a Triaxial Test on 10,000 grains with internalCompaction = True.  SigmaIso is set to 100, 000 Pa.  After 40 mins (42260 iterations), the wall stresses do not converge, and the stabilityCriterion doesn't go down.  Porosity, on the other hand, has converged to 0.39.  It looks like the compaction stage with radii expansion is going on forever.

Has anyone experienced this with internalCompaction (radii expansion)?  I've attached the recorded data.



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