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Re: Logging problem


> I've not been able to see LOG outputs for a while. The only log I can 
> get is the one from Omega (save/load).
> I can't find the way to get unbalancedForce and stress from 
> TriaxialCompressionEngine (LOG_INFO's).
> My logging.conf looks like this (other line not modified) :
> # except for the classes where requested:
> log4j.logger.yade.Omega=DEBUG
> log4j.logger.yade.TriaxialCompressionEngine=INFO
> log4j.logger.yade.TriaxialStressController=INFO

That should work, provided the file is in the right directory
(~/.yade-trunk-dbg/logging.conf , for example). If not sure, try running

from yade import log

Also, if you run yade-trunk-dbg -vv (or, which is the same, YADE_DEBUG=1
yade-trun-dbg), you will have DEBUG set by default (unless overridden by
the config file).


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