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Re: TriaxialTest : facetWalls and boxWalls


> Is somebody using the "facet" or "wall" versions of the boundary 
> conditions in TriaxialTest?
> I tested them and they give apparently unstable results.
> You can easily see the problem by generating 3 samples with default 
> parameters (1 default + 1 facet + 1 wall) and running.
> You will see spheres jiggling forever in cases 2 and 3.
> I'm curious to know what the problem is, but I would advise everybody to 
> use the first for now.

I put it in there for testing mainly, and was also surprised that the
results were different. I didn't look into it in more detail, though.

> BTW, I have problems closing yade now, what is the fast way? It just 
> hanged my desktop...
^D from terminal (or type quit()). That should work. If it hangs your
entire desktop, then it is a graphics driver issue, not yade.