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Re: Questions on ScGeom


> I've been looking at ScGeom, and I'm puzzled about the boolean
> "isNew".    Has "isNew" been used correctly when assigning prevNormal?
> In the following, "c" is "interaction".   If c->interactionGeometry is
> true, it would mean that interactionGeometry has already existed?
> Wouldn't c->interactionGeometry mean isOld?

yes, exactly. The interaction may be potential (i.e.
Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom returning false) for long time, i.e. !
c->interactionGeometry. Once there is "real" contact, the functor
creates the object (scm->shared_ptr<ScGeom>(newScGeom()) and then return

(The logic will be described in the programmer's manual as well, perhaps
over christmas.)

Cheers, v.