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Re: Damping


question on damping used for instance in the Triaxial Test. Is it right that the solution is affected by the damping? Cause is what happens.
Yes in general. No, in special cases (quasistatic process).
You can obtain the "same"(*) stress-strain behaviour with different dampings. (*) In fact "almost" the same, which can make a big difference in chaotic systems...

The damping included in the NewIntegrator class acts as a global damping, right?
If I want to use the local damping I see that I should use the ViscousForceDamping class. In such case whatever else should I adopt for the part related to the integration algorithm and Newton force law?
Put damping=0 in the latest.

Cause I see that NewtonIntegrator includes everything on this side. Last question: Should the damping helping to reach the equilibrium at each time step?
It can.
When I include the damping should I expect a decreasing in the total number of iterations?

It's all a question of numerical experimentation. In the triaxial test in general, you will not really reduce the number of iterations with a strong damping, except perhaps in the first iterations when you compress the gaz cloud.



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