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Re: Hybrid control of boundary stress


Mahmud a écrit :
Hi all. In the recent release of YADE, the independent stress and strain
control has been added by introducing a new engine

I am not that this engine works with the last release of Yade, I think the engine hase not been updated, you should verify. I will do an update later in the winter.

I am interested in a hybrid control of the boundary stress where the
vertical walls will move   using strain control method while the lateral
two walls  will move with stress controlled method such that the
increment in S22 (say 10 kPa)  in each step due  to the  movement  of
the vertical walls  will be adjusted by reducing the S11 (say -7 kPa)
and S33 (say -3 kPa).  How can I do that?

I am sorry but I am not sure to understand what you want to do. Maybe it would be clearer if you use always numbers 1, 2 or 3 to represent the three space directions instead of using sometimes numbers 1,2.. and sometimes vertical and lateral walls... However, I imagine you want to ajust the stress in one or two direction with respect to stress value in the thrid direction? ThreeDTriaxialEngine has not been done to perform such a control, but you can start from this engine to write the code that you need. I think the first step would be to write and give us the relation that you want to fix between s11, s22 and s33, for instance: s33= s11 + 0.258*s22.


Thanks in advanced.


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