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Re: Hybrid control of boundary stress


> Hi all. In the recent release of YADE, the independent stress and strain
> control has been added by introducing a new engine
> ThreeDTriaxialEngine.cpp.
> I am interested in a hybrid control of the boundary stress where the
> vertical walls will move   using strain control method while the lateral
> two walls  will move with stress controlled method such that the
> increment in S22 (say 10 kPa)  in each step due  to the  movement  of
> the vertical walls  will be adjusted by reducing the S11 (say -7 kPa)
> and S33 (say -3 kPa).  How can I do that?
Hi, if you can use periodic boundary, I am adding cross-relationship
matrix to PeriTriaxConroller these days, but it will be ready after
Christmas, I think. It will make it easy to say: I want sigma1=this and
rate of eps2 and eps3 be the same and so on. Cheers, Vaclav