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Re: Micro data


> For a new user or general user it is difficult to find out those
> micro-data. It would be more beneficial if those data come by default
> when running a simulation using YADE.
> Though the purpose of YADE is for global users, my question, Why
> micro-data also not come by default like macro-data in a file?
Obviously because Bruno who wrote the WallStresses output routine didn't
need those data. There is so many data inside the simulation that you
can't be all put to a file. Different people need different things. That
doesn't mean you cannot access those. Learn python and read
documentation (work in progress), then you can get all data you need and
much more.
> * I request to add it in the next release of Yade. *

Keep in mind that you cannot _request_ anything since yade is not
commercial; you can perhaps _ask_ for something.


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