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Re: Bzr update doesn't download anything ?


> I donwloaded sources by typing bzr branch lp:yade :
> jduriez@c1solimara-l:~$ bzr branch lp:yade
> Branched 1955 revision(s).
> After the last commits were executed, "bzr up" does not see the 
> difference :
> jduriez@c1solimara-l:~/yade$ bzr update
> Tree is up to date at revision 1955.
Read documentation on the difference between branch and checkout. Branch
doesn't depend on the original branch anymore, there for "up" will not
pick up changes. If you do checkout, the parent branch will be checked
for new stuff. You can convert branch to a checkout by specifying its
parent branch, you find in bzr docs how to do that (I don't know from
the top of my head).

HTH, Vaclav

> Finally, if I want to use "bzr checkout", I have an error :
> jduriez@c1solimara-l:~/yade$ bzr checkout
> bzr: ERROR: File exists: u'/home/3S-LAB/jduriez/yade/.bzr': [Errno 17] 
> Le fichier existe: '/home/3S-LAB/jduriez/yade/.bzr'
You're trying to check out in a directory that already is a
checkout/branch; do it somewhere else.