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Uniform distribution


Hi all,

perhaps (but I could be wrong) I found an error in the generation of a 
uniform distribution of radii used in Yade.
As some have already pointed out in 
previous emails the uniform distribution is such that:

R_min = R_mean * (1-
R_max = R_mean * (1+StdDev)

In Yade we define a StdDev and a R_mean 
and with such values we generate the distribution but if I check the results in 
terms of R_max and R_min, I do not see a correspondence with the values I 
should obtain as performed above.
Moreover I have tried to see if the 
distribution is uniform between the values of R_max and R_min I obtain from 
Yade and actually between them the distribution is not uniform. So, what's 
wrong here?
I need to use a uniform distribution, I have tried to look at the 
possible available distributions in boost but what I need is that one used in 
Yade (boost::uniform_real<>(0,1)) that to me doesn't work properly and I do not 
understand why.
Any suggestions? 

Thanks a lot,


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