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Re: For Debugging using kdevelop


Perfect. Can you update the wiki page or put the a link to your message
in the archive?

> I could play a little more with kdevelop 4 in lucid, until the 3 days 
> old PC failed due to hardware defect.
> I could set breakpoints, step in instructions, or evaluate variables in 
> simple programs, but I didn't have time to try with Yade.
> For generating Yade project, you have to "import" a project, then select 
> the yade directory, but don't give any "project" file *.kdev4 (the old 
> *.kdev project cannot be read), as it will have to be generated 
> automaticaly. Select project type "custom build", then go to project 
> option and set build executable "scons".
> At this point, you can compile from kdevelop, get nice error output with 
> links to where the errors are, etc. There is also a rich class and 
> member description, auto-completion, display of functions signatures, etc.
> When the project is created, it will generate trunk/yade.kdev4 and 
> trunk/.kde/yade.kdev4. The first is almost empty, the second contains 
> the interesting things. Setting the debugger only needs to define "gdb" 
> as debug executable, and define the target program for debug (i.e.
> yade-2200 or whatever the name), but I didn't try.
> I'll try and tune those kdev4 files and commit them asap, so people can 
> open yade in kdevelop in one click and debug. It will maybe come with a 
> scons.profile-kdev4 for convenience.
> Bruno
> p.s. Make sure you can compile template projects before doing anything 
> else. Kdevelop needs packages like cmake or g++, but it does not list 
> them in dependencies. If you can't compile templates, it means you miss 
> a package.
> Václav Šmilauer a écrit :
> >>     Although I installed kdevelop package with many people help and
> >> opened Yade.kdevelop last week, the following settings of kdevelop for
> >> yade on websit (https://yade-dem.org/wiki/Debugging_using_Kdevelop) can
> >> not finish. Because I didnot find project options in project menu and
> >> there was not window (figure 1) appearing when kdevelop started for the
> >> first time. I donot know my kdevelop at this moment can be used to
> >> debuge preprocessor code. Or is there some wrong with it? thanks a lot
> >>     
> >
> > Janek, ping... can you update that wiki page for current kdevelop?
> >
> > Thanks, v.
> >
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