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Re: Elastic energy


chiara modenese said:     (by the date of Fri, 2 Jul 2010 17:41:36 +0100)

> Hi guys,
> I am experiencing again a bit of troubles with total energy conservation.
> For a sphere-sphere impact test everything seems fine. Now I have tried
> another simple example: few spheres with an input initial velocity in a box.
> I attach the script, if you run it you will obtain the plot in the attached
> figure. If there is no friction, then total energy is more or less constant
> as shown in the first part of the plot (not exactly constant due to the way
> we compute velocities, as already discussed in this thread
> http://www.mail-archive.com/yade-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/msg01729.html).
> However, as long as I include some friction, both total and kinetic energy
> decreases and no slip occurs since the function plasticDissipation() of
> Law2_ScGeom_FrictPhys_Basic contact law returns 0. I have already checked on
> paper and discussed with Bruno and the code which computes
> plasticDissipation in ScGeom is formally correct.

How about heat? Usually friction goes to increasing temperature of those  

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