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Re: hello? -help with a spinning bucket!



All right.  salutations all :)  
I have now made videos of my simulations (with paraview) so that I am pretty much convinced that my simulations are not working. 

If anybody can help me figure out why, I
would be most appreciative :)  And yes,  I have read a fair
bit of the documentation, and will continue reading :)


what I am trying to simulate (in first iteration),
are particles in a spinning bucket. Spinning around the vertical
axis, so that the particles "glue" themselves to the sides
of the bucket.  if anybody can get hold of this, here is a paper
that has performed preciselly this simulation:


here another example:  

dynamics of grains in spinning bucket at high

hm.. this looks
very much like the first one..  good! (because this one, you can
for sure get for free)

unfortunatelly, it is not this
simulation that really interests me, which is why I need to do my
own.  This, however, provides a good starting place, and a way
of confirming if my simulation is good.

in the examples
section of the yade documentation there is of course a rotating
cylinder.  I of course took that code, and modified it.  I
have included 3 versions of my code to show what I have done.

the first one, all I did (I think), was to put the cylinder and
spheres right-side up, and cut down the number of spheres to make the
simulation go faster.

In the second one, I went one step
further, and specified frictmat materials for both the walls and the
spheres, thinking that perhaps this was required in order to give the
surfaces frictional properties.

In the third code, you will
notice that I changed the interactionDispatchers, thinking that maybe
the interaction laws were at fault.

In none of these three
simulations did I observe the behavior I was hoping for.

other thing I have noticed is that sometimes particles can 'leak' out
of containers in yade.  I have seen this in my simulations, but
also in rotating cylinder, and funnel.  Clearly, there are
things about this program I don't yet understand.

I would very
much appreciate help with cleaning this up.  It seems like the
kind of simulation that should be well within the capabilities of

infinite thank's to whoever can help me with


-MIke :-D

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you can ask your questions right here, in mailing list.
Also I would recommend you to read documentation:


Have a luck!

Anton Gladkyy

2010/7/4 mikethe1wheelnut <jenmichael2000@xxxxxxxx>


I have just discovered yade, and am trying to do some simulations with

it.  I am of course encountering difficulty, and wondering if there is

anybody out there who might help me?  is this the right place to ask?


-mike :)


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