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Re: hello? -help with a spinning bucket!


08.07.2010 22:27, Michael Jensen:

there is still funky stuf happening, I don't see the behavior I am
expecting, not yet, but this is at least a lot better than anything I
got earlier :-)

I do not know what behavior you expect and what the interaction law using, but just in case, do you aware about differencies in behaviour with cundall and viscoelastic damping for a dynamic simulation? see, for example, scripts in examples/dynamic_simulation_tests

and yes, you have very fast velocities, so you need very tiny dt...

Best regards,

Sergei Dorofeenko,
Cand. Phys.-Mat. Sci.

Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics,
Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

e-mail: dorofeenko@xxxxxxxxx

Best regards,
Sergei D.

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