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Re: hello? -help with a spinning bucket!


2010/7/9 Michael Jensen <jenmichael2000@xxxxxxxx>

> um..  I was planing on running everything on an HP Pavilion Entertainment
> PC laptop.
> I assume it has only one core, and I certainly don't know how to hook up
> other ones, though I know people who surely do.
> how many cores do you folks usually use?

4-core I7 and I5 machines, 6-core AMD 1090T, I am more-less satisfied with

> am I fighting what must surely be a loosing battle, my goal being to
> simulate up to 1 million particles (1 cubic millimeter glass beads in a
> volume of about 1 liter), for at least 4-10 seconds?  10 000 particles?
> 1000?

Yade can normally handle up to 100 000 particles.


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