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Visualisation problem: particles "drifting off" while maintaining container volume



I'm currently running a simulation of a screw extruder on yade. 

The simulation runs as per normal for the 1st 300 iterations (screenshot_1) but after that I notice the mass of particles drifting out of the extruder volume while maintaining its shape as if it were still inside the container (screenshot_2). This happened when viewing the vtu files from paraview. Changing the viewing angle on paraview shows the mass of particles always drifting towards the screen & out of the volume (screenshot_3,screenshot_4,screenshot_5).  

The meshing of the geometry was performed with gmsh & both Bo1_Sphere_Aabb(aabbEnlargeFactor=intradius) & Bo1_Facet_Aabb() have been loaded in the bound dispatcher (the simulation after all runs normally for the 1st 300 iterations)

Is this an error in recording of the vtu files?


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