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Re: About the moment calculation in cohesion-friction model



You can find this plastic threshold for the moment in Law2_ScGeom_NormalInelasticityPhys_NormalInelasticity (lines 193 to 202 of the .cpp). For what concerns the "cohesion-friction model", I assume that you speak of Law2_ScGeom_CohFrictPhys_ElasticPlastic, which I know less. But a quick look to the .cpp gives me the same feeling than yours, that the moment is always elastic.


Le 16/09/2010 12:40, ?????? a ??crit :

I found the moment calculation in cohesion-friction model is different from the traditional algorithm which is listed in the paper(Jean-Patrick Plassiard etl, A spherical discrete element model:calibration procedure and incremental response, 209; N. Belheine etl, Numerial simulation of drained triaxial test using 3d discrete element modeling; Rolling resistance at contacts in simulation of shear band development by DEM). In the traditional algorithms, the slider for rolling starts working if the moment exceeds a value of "eta* Normal force". However, I cannot find the related code described it. If no any condition to relax the moment. then the moment will act all the time. I think it should be wrong. Maybe I haven't found the right file. May I have your help? Thank you.