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Re: MomentMat in CohesionlessMomentRotation


> I want to use the contact interaction law CohesionlessMomentRotation. 
> For that I need to attribute the material MomentMat to particles 
> (instead of FrictMat for instance).

Hi Luc,

it works just fine here... are you up-to-date? What is your revision? If
you compile the debug version, you can increase verbosity to see what
classes are loaded by running yade --debug -vv.

Cheers, v.

> However when I run the python script to use MomentMat, python reply that 
>   MomentMat is not defined. In the same way, if I write in the console 
> "help MomentMat" the reply is the same: not defined.
> I am not able to understand what is wrong here, it is as if python 
> doesn't see the class MomentMat.

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