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How to write moment laws using ScGeom6D


Hi all (Chiara, check this out :)),

I reorganized the code for moment/rotation that was used in CohesiveFrictionalLaw, Law2_ScGeom_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment, and other moment laws using more or less the same code, in order to precompute bending and twisting in the intercation geometry.

There is now a ScGeom6D that you can use to avoid duplicating all this rotational code in contact laws. You can see example usage in CohesiveFrictionalContactLaw.cpp:204 :

/currentContactPhysics->moment_twist = (currentContactGeometry->getTwist()*currentContactPhysics->kr)*currentContactGeometry->normal; currentContactPhysics->moment_bending = currentContactGeometry->getBending() * currentContactPhysics->kr;/

Using this code implies usage of Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom_6D_, instead of Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom.

Some renaming will happen in other commits (e.g. Law2_ScGeom_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment => Law2_ScGeom6D_...).




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